Our work

In the Tanzanian countryside, 1500 m above sea level, lies a village called Matanana. Poverty and HIV/AIDS are two serious problems that have left orphans and families in need of support.

United Hearts runs an orphanage for the most vulnerable – those who have lost their parents, been left to their fate or otherwise are in need of a home. Together with the staff, the children live as a large family and receive the care and love that a child deserves.

We also carry out assistance and development projects together with the population to contribute to the important social development that is taking place there now. A few years ago there was neither electricity nor health centers, but the progress is increasing.

The orphanage

At the orphanage, there are currently 15 wonderful children in mixed ages living together with “grandmothers” and a educated care taker who look after the children’s needs. Together they make a big family where you take care of each other.

While the older children are in school, the younger ones play in the yard. On weekdays, particularly vulnerable students from the nearby school come to have lunch. The playground of the centre becomes a gathering place where the children play and swing before the school starts again.

Our goal is to give children a safe upbringing. Because the children grow and several are affected by HIV, varied and good diets are important. Rice, potato or ugali

Corn flour with water.
is served with meat, fish or bean stew. Every meal also includes vegetables and fruit. We also make sure that the children go to school where they can discover and learn for the future. At the same time, our employees see to it that the children get the knowledge they need for a life in the Tanzanian countryside.

We want to give the children good conditions for the future. One day they will manage themselves and take the steps towards their dreams. Through support for further education or help to start any income-generating business, we want to give the older children a good start on their adult lives and contribute to a positive development in the area.

The children’s personal and “grandmothers” are the safe arms for the children, but they also take care of the farm all chores such as cooking, washing and cleaning. Every month hundreds of kilos of food, salary for employees and school expenses are required. The day-to-day activities of the orpanhage are completely dependent on donors. Become a sponsor and make a difference!

Latest from the orphanage

Development projects

​We believe in contributing to the development of the society in Matanana and thus stopping poverty and working preventively. We do this by assisting in various projects​.

Helping projects

​​The centre in Matanana has become where the local population is looking for help. It can be about acute illness where one cannot afford to go to the nearest city for treatment, help with a broken house or contribution to the children’s school expenses.​

Latest projects

Latest projects

Sponsors and collaborations

We are very grateful for the great sponsors and collaborations we have established over the years.

Oderland.se offers permium hosting of webhotel. Quality and safety are their hallmarks. In addition, they have ecolabelled electricity.

They have very generously chosen to sponsor us with web hosting for our website, as well as e-mails so we can have good contact with our donors and reach out with information to you and about our organization.

Handelsbanken is one of Sweden’s largest banks with price for best service.

Handelsbanken in Mönsterås has chosen to sponsor United Hearts with an organizational account that makes the administration so much easier.

Stiftelsen Sevholts Hjälpfond

The Sevholt Foundation’s Foundation has repeatedly contributed considerable resources to helping the children in Matanana. We are so grateful for this!

Carloline is an artist and paints paintings, of which 50 SEK per sold painting is donated to United Hearts.

Read more and check out Caroline’s paintings at www.konstbuketten.se.

Wistories Publishing publishes books for children and adults with humor.

Johanna Glembo visited us in the summer of 2016 together with the organization Learn with Lara. Now Johanna is debuting as author with her children’s book David dreaming of Dracula. Together with his publisher Wistories, 5 SEK per sold children’s book will be donated to United Hearts. Read more and buy the book at www.wistories.se.

Zamba Studio is a printing company based in Mönsterås.

They have printed Christmas cards and other things for us over the years, which we are very grateful for!

Cafe Lyan is an activity house in Ronneby that receives people who need work experience or work training to get back to work life. They do light casting, sewing and knitting, and organic vegetables are grown at the café from the garden.

The sales profit goes to United Hearts, something we are incredibly happy about!

A platform that links communicators and journalists.

Company that provide a website where organizations can publish press releases and other digital PR. A team on Mynewsdesk puts an hour every week to make United Hearts visible.

Campusbokhandeln sells used course literature for your studies!

In May 2017, Campusbokhandeln donated 2 SEK per sold book to us and for solar cell lamps for the orphanage and the population of Matanana. The result was the fantastic 34 433 SEK corresponding to 253 solar cell lamps.

Mbogo Tours and Travel welcomes you to visit Tanzania and enjoy its beauty while you make unforgetable memory of a lifetime.

Mbogo tours and travel is a local female Tanzanian owned tour company specializing in adventure travel in Tanzania.

Resarö school

At Vaxholm lays Resarö school, an elementary and middle school. They have been raising money for United Hearts over the years and we are very grateful!

We are very much looking forward to the continued cooperation!