About United Hearts

United Hearts was founded in May 2014 and has since then run the orphanage in Matanana and provided assistance to people in vulnerable situations in the area.

We believe in a bright future for the society and the children in the area. With help to self-help, we wish to contribute to this development through rewarding efforts. Together with you donors, sponsors and local organization in Tanzania, this is possible.


Everyone’s equal right to a safe upbringing with good future prospects.


Through help to self-help, we give people in vulnerable situations the tools to be able to satisfy their basic needs themselves and develop.

Longterm goals

Where the money goes

​Almost 100% of everything we collect and receive from our donors goes to the children and operations in Tanzania. Costs such as bank account, website and printed material are provided by our fantastic sponsors. The small costs that can possibly arise are transaction costs for Swish, stamps for sending out Christmas cards and things like this. These costs represent only a few percentage points of United Hearts revenue. United Hearts in Sweden is completely non-profit and all administration is managed by the board members at their own time.​

Board in Tanzania

The board of Tanzania, with Winfred Mfikwa as chairman, is in charge of the work on site in Matanana. They are the registered organization United Hearts For The People Of Tanzania, whose commitment and work makes the orpanhage and projects possible.

The board consists of Winfred Mfikwa, Watson Kiwovele, Aidan Mlowe, Huruma Mng’olage, Esther Mangula and Yudith Mgeni.

We also want to highlight the staff at the orphanage who does a fantastic job and we are very grateful for their work, knowledge and ideas. Read more about Neema and Mama Salome.

From the left Huruma Mng'olage, Yuditha Mgeni, Fatuma Mbedule (not in the board), Justin Mtonyole (not in the board), Aidan Mlowe, Ester Mangula a Watson Kiwovele.

Board in Sweden

The board in Sweden works entirely voluntarily and consists of six members, all of whom have previously been volunteers in Matanana.

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Linnea Grandell

Linnea grew up in Småland and visited Matanana for the first time in 2012. She has lived there several times since then completely voluntarily and run the orpanhage. Without Linnea, no United Hearts.


Vice president

Elin Johansson

Elin is a political scientist who is passionate about international politics and social development. She handles communication with donors, social media and application for money from various funds. She visited Matanana first 2014 and have visited several times since.


Board member and web administrator

Viktor Karlstrand

Viktor handles design and website, as well as social media. He visited Matanana in 2013 and 2014 as a volunteer. Grown up in Karlskrona, but now living in Stockholm where he is studying at KTH to become a civil engineer.


Board member

Madelene Ring

Madelene manufactures and manages bracelet sales and applies for money from various funds. She visited Matanana for the first time in 2011 and then returned in 2013, 2014 and 2017.


Board member

Ninja Sand Wallonius

Ninja is a self-employed entrepreneur who loves adventure and cycling. She conducts fundraisers and establishes collaborations for United Hearts. She visited Matanana for the first time in 2018, secondly in 2019 and plans to travel there again.