Get involved

There are more ways than to become a monthly donor or sponsor to contribute to our work. You can fundraise, become an ambassador and spread information about us where you live. You can also go as a volunteer!


Do you want to fundraise in United Hearts name? 100% of what you raise goes to the children and projects in Matanana.

Some examples of fundraising and collaborations have been

Do you want to fundraise for a special purpose? Contact us and we’ll talk more. We would love to hear your idea!

You can even create a fundraiser on Facebook in our name on your birthday for example!


Have you been a volunteer with us and want to continue to get involved with the people in Matanana, but from Sweden?

It is reaching out to more people that make United Hearts grow. Therefore, the non-profit work you do in Sweden is just as important as in Tanzania.

We are looking for driven and initiating ambassadors who carry out a self-chosen assignment or project in favor of United Hearts orpanhage and projects in Tanzania.

As an ambassador, you can choose and do different things.

If you have another idea for a project you want to implement, please tell us. Only the imagination sets limits!

Does this sound like somthing for you? Contact us på or on Facebook Messenger and we’ll tell you more!

Spread our name

Mention United Hearts for your friends and family. Set up posters about United Hearts or hand out information sheets. In order for us to be able to continue and develop our organization, we are dependent on reaching out to new donors.