Our history


In 2004, a Swedish couple started the organization Moyo kwa Moyo (en. Heart to Heart) with the centre Matanana, Tanzania. An area severely affected by poverty and HIV/AIDS. At this time, day-to-day activities and preschool for around 30 children were run on the centre.


In 2009, a orphanage was built and especially vulnerable and orphaned children could move into their new home.


In 2011, the disaster came when the orphanage burned down along with the children’s belongings. The children had to move to the house where the day-to-day activities were conducted, but the beds were few and the situation was difficult. The money to build a new orphanage was simply not there.


2012 began the construction of a new orphanage thanks to a bunch of volunteers who through fundraising and hard work ensured that the new orphanage was completed in November of the same year.

It was during this year that Linnea Grandell, United Hearts president, visited Matanana and the orphanage for the first time. The culture, the people and not least the children put an imprint.


In 2013, Moyo kwa Moyo suffered from financial difficulties and problems in the organization. The idea of a new Swedish aid organization was born – United Hearts. Today, the orphanage in Matanana is run entirely by United Hearts and with Linnea Grandell as president of Sweden and Justin Mtonyole as manager and chairman of Tanzania.


In 2014, May 2, the organization United Hearts was granted by the Swedish Tax Agency and the work for the children and the people in Matanana could continue and develop.


Today, the orphanage’s budget and economy is stable thanks to all the fantastic donors. We are also working on projects for community development and helping people on Matanana.