Here we have gathared frequently asked questions.

How fun! You can help us with many different things such as fundraising, spreading the word about United Hearts and become an ambassador for us. Read more on the Get involved page.

Of all the money we collect and receive from our donors, almost 100% go to the children and the projects in Tanzania. Costs such as website, e-mail and bank account are provided free of charge by our fantastic sponsors.

United Hearts in Sweden is completely non-profit and all administration, such as planning, finance, e-mail and social media etc., is managed by the members of the board at their own time.

The small costs that can possibly arise are transaction costs for Swish, stamps for sending out Christmas cards and cost for our .se domain. These costs represent only a few percentage points of United Hearts revenue.

Yes, you can sponsor a child at the orphanage. Read more on the page Support us.

Yes you can! Read more about it at the page Volunteer.

Applying for a 90-account costs about 5000 SEK. Since we are a small organization with limited budget, we have chosen to put that money on our orpanhage and projects instead. With United Hearts growth, we hope to be able to apply for a 90-account later, as this is a good guarantee for our donors. To read more about how we use our money, see the question of Where does the money go? What do you mean by 100% ? above.

We do not store more information about you than what we need to enable us to register you as a donor. This includes your name, address, phone number, email and whether you are a monthly donor or sponsor.

If you want to read more, you can do so in our document for United Hearts handling of donor’s personal data.